Biostatistics and Disease Modelling

The Biostatistics and Disease Modelling group is lead by Dr. Graciela Muniz-Terrera and aims to apply and develop statistical tools to help best understand trajectories of cognitive and functional decline in ageing. Dr Muniz-Terrera and colleagues also provide support and advice to colleagues interested in the use of modern statistical tools in clinical trials.

Several methodological factors, including complex study designs, missing data, and psychometric properties of clinical data may bias, or skew, results. These factors need to be considered when models are fitted to data to best understand what is truly happening in a study. Advanced statistical techniques are therefore needed for an improved understanding of how individuals lose their cognitive and functional abilities as they develop dementia or as they age.

In addition to the application and development of  statistical methods to improve dementia prediction models, the group is also interested in the use and development of data harmonisation methods required to facilitate reproducible research. 

Relevant Publications

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