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Our fantastic volunteers running the Edinburgh Marathon relay.

Our fantastic volunteers running the Edinburgh Marathon relay.

Empowering people to protect their brain health

A crucial element of achieving our goal will be to improve understanding of dementia and its causes, and empower people to take responsibility for their own brain health.

Our team of scientists, doctors, psychologists and social scientists have three key aims:

  • Understanding: to understand the causes of dementias particularly in the early stages, and how lifestyle choices and new medicines can mitigate onset.
  • Diagnosis: to create a range of tests to assess people at risk and measure degradation of the brain.
  • Empowerment: to work with the public to improve understanding of dementias and their causes and suggest lifestyle changes that may stop or slow the conditions.

Get involved

Your support is vital. You can get involved by volunteering for one of our trials, by attending our events or by fundraising to support our research programmes.

We run a number of European and UK-wide research programmes from the Centre for Dementia Prevention in Edinburgh. If you are keen to volunteer, please call 0131 651 7828 for more information.

For more details on how you can support our work, including fundraising ideas and advice, please visit or email