Looking ahead: Our collaboration with Playlist for Life

We are thrilled to be marking our collaboration with the Playlist for Life charity by organising a concert Memory sessions at St Cecilia’s Hall, Scotland’s oldest purpose-built concert hall this Sunday.

The event is organised between the Centre for Dementia Prevention and Playlist for Life. We will hear Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue) and friends performing and the event is organised to raise awareness of the impact meaningful music can have for people with dementia.

Miles Welstead from the Centre for Dementia Prevention has recently been involved in work looking into what we know so far about the impact of music for people living with dementia. He says that the use of music listening as a dementia therapy is a really exciting and promising field that needs more attention. Playlist for Life have been championing the use of meaningful music listening in dementia and showing that it can be used as a highly effective, low resource, non-pharmacological therapy for people with dementia. Currently, more research in this area is needed to help build a stronger evidence base and to illustrate the various benefits music listening can provide for those with dementia and their carers. Raising awareness of music’s potential is a vital step in encouraging more research in this area, and accordingly, we are hoping that this collaboration will help kick-start more research and more evidence to show the powerful therapeutic effect of music.

We are very thankful for the artists performing at the concert this Sunday and wish a pleasant and informative evening to all those attending.