What Does the Future Hold for Dementia?

How close are we to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease? The Centre for Dementia Prevention is delighted to announce there are tickets available to join our academics at a free event at this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival. The event will be chaired by Prof Tara Spires-Jones and the panel members will be Prof John Starr, Dr Tom Russ and Prof Craig Ritchie.

Our event will focus on the latest research working towards a future without dementia. We will be discussing work around vital brain connections and how they are disrupted in Alzheimer’s disease. This will be an interactive event with the session covering brain health over the whole life course and how we can predict an individuals’ risk of dementia over time; environmental risk factors including sunlight and population; epi-genomics, and what happens in dementia on a molecular and cellular level. Finally, bringing all the above aspects together, we will be discussing an overall impact on brain health and what protective actions we could take.

Presented by University of Edinburgh and Alzheimer’s Research UK Scotland Network. You are encouraged to submit any questions ahead of the event by tweeting @cendemprevent or via the contact form of this website.