Dementia in the spotlight at this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival

We are delighted to announce CDP’s involvement in this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival:

Dementia research and prevention: illuminating brain changes
Saturday 15 — Sunday 16 April
Join us for an illuminating evening of scientific discussion and research at the University of Edinburgh’s dementia research laboratory. Supported by Alzheimer’s Research UK, this event offers a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of cutting edge science and see how renowned neuroscientists are striving to understand and eventually cure dementia.
Prof Craig Ritchie and Dr Tara Spires-Jones of the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Dementia Prevention, will discuss how the brain works, what goes wrong when people develop dementia, and how scientists hope to prevent and treat the condition.
Then we’ll take an interactive tour of the research laboratory, with the opportunity to operate the microscopes and see first-hand the beauty of an illuminated human brain. Members of the research team will be on hand to answer your questions and discuss the challenges they face everyday in the pursuit of a cure for dementia. The tour will culminate in a wine reception and interactive forum where you can meet with the scientists in a relaxed setting and learn the very accessible ways YOU can help us defeat dementia!

Please reserve your free tickets through the Edinburgh International Science Festival box office here.